what mistakes we make while bathing our hair

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Today we are going to learn the mistakes we make while bathing our hair and how you can prepare your own shampoo.

Mistakes we make when we bathe our heads!

Hair loss and dandruff can also be caused by some bad habits while showering. That is why it is important to follow some rules when bathing. If you follow these rules, you can get rid of half of the hair problems.

In the hectic world of today, there are many who do not even have the time to bathe their head in peace. But they will only regret that their hair falls out. First of all, the health of your hair depends on the care that you give to your hair.

Habit: 1

Shampoo should be avoided before rinsing the hair with water because it takes time. First, rinse the hair well with water and then wash it to completely remove the dirt on the scalp and keep the hair and scalp clean.

Habit: 2

Give up the habit of using shampoo on the scalp. Instead, it should be mixed with water and then used. This is because when the chemicals in shampoo are applied to the hair, the hair can be damaged. If it is mixed with water and then used, the hair will not be attacked by the chemicals.

Habit: 4

Don’t overuse shampoo and conditioner. This is because they contain many chemicals. If these chemicals get into the hair too much, the hair will be attacked. So use only the right amount.

Habit: 5

Don’t use hot water on your head all the time. This can cause hair loss and extreme dryness. Also, hot water destroys healthy hair cells. Therefore, rinse your hair only with warm and cool water.

Habit: 6

After bathing, many people rub their heads vigorously with a towel to make the hair dry faster. If you rub so vigorously, the hair will come loose with your hand. So give up the habit of constantly rubbing the wet hair.

Habit: 7

Do not use the comb when the hair is wet. The hair is more sensitive.

Improper washing of hair causes hair loss

Problems with hair follicles include dandruff, excess oil, and dry scalp. So if you follow some ways to take care of your hair at home, the hair follicles will be healthier.

Do not bathe your head in very hot water. Because the heat weakens the hair follicles. Then hair loss will occur. So keep the hair follicles strong and rinse your hair with warm water to keep it clean.  You should also be careful when wiping your hair after bathing. Since the hair is wet at this time, it will fall out due to a lack of strength.

If one person insists on applying oil to the hair, another may ask you to avoid it. If you are confused by such advice and want to know how to properly care for your hair, we give you the tips you need to get the hair you dream of.

  • Head bath
  • Drying the scalp

 Head bath

Yes, hair care starts with the basics. Some mistakes you make when bathing your head can make your hair dull.

Dilute shampoo

The shampoo is there to remove dirt and greasy impurities from your hair. But it does not know the difference between natural and synthetic oil glue. So mix a little water in your shampoo, dilute it and then use it.

Do not bathe your head daily

You may think that not combing your hair daily is unhealthy. However, the fact is that you do not need to comb your hair every day. It removes the natural greasy film and can lead to hair loss.

Drying the scalp

Comb with large tines

Always use a comb with large tines for wet, semi-dry, and freshly dried hair. This will reduce the risk of hair loss.

Do not go out with wet hair

These are not the only reasons why hair falls out. Nutrition is also an important factor. Many deficiencies can be eliminated by taking care of the hair. every time you comb your hair to prevent hair loss as much as possible. Analyze your hair with this hair care method and stay healthy and live beautifully.

Can I wash my hair with plain water by avoiding shampoo?

hair shampoo

For those who have always washed their hair with shampoo, it may be surprising news that they can wash their hair with clear water and without using shampoo. How do you get rid of the dirt in your hair if you rinse it with water without shampooing it? Would not that be uncomfortable? Will the hair become dry? Does not the hair get matted? Does not the head itch? Does dandruff develop? Does not the hair color change to a reddish hue? So many questions like these arise. 

Red poppy shampoo

Due to the lack of time in today’s world, we are not able to take proper care of our scalp hair. It is the shampoo from the stores that we all use. However, synthetic ingredients are not mixed and will be made by our hand, in our home, if we use this shampoo, our hair loss compulsion will reduce quickly. There is no doubt that your hair will shine as you used this shampoo.

I am sure that you would not believe it if you were told that your hair has changed and that you notice the difference to the extent that others notice it. So why not give it a try? You can learn how to make this shampoo at home in this post.

The single layer of red poppy seeds, red poppy leaf, and dill. Pour the water into a bowl (take as much shampoo as you need for your hair) and add the red poppy petals and red poppy leaves to the water. Add the dill once to the mixture and add the dill powder and a spoon.

Boil the water with all three ingredients on the stove over medium heat for five minutes to make a natural shampoo. Take it off the stove, let the water cool well, rub it on your filtered head and take a bath. See for yourself the change that your hair can experience.

It is okay if you do not get red poppy flowers or red poppy leaves. In-country drugstores, the red poppy powder is available in sachets. Buy the powder, put it in water, add dill, boil it, filter it and rub the shampoo on your scalp. Available.

Eggs and dill shampoo

Eggs, which are rich in nutrients, have many benefits, not only inside the body but also outside the body. They take care of everything from brightening the face to nourishing the hair. In particular, an egg helps soften and strengthen dry, parched, and weakened hair. Let us see how to make shampoo at home with the egg, which helps in the health of hair.

  • Mix egg, olive oil, and lemon juice well. Use this mixture as a shampoo for the scalp.
  • Use fenugreek shampoo to reduce the density of hair and make them grow longer.

Shampoos are often used as an alternative to shikakai to cleanse the hair. This benefits anyone looking for a natural shampoo as an alternative to shampoo. Let us see what and how to prepare it.

If you want to focus on hair care, the first step is to keep your hair clean. Hair should be cleaned twice a week to remove dirt. This will encourage the growth of the hair. Excess dirty hair on the scalp reddens and lightens the hair color. This also intensifies and enhances youthfulness at a young age.

On the one hand, the impurity of the hair affects the growth of the hair, and on the other hand, the shampoos with chemicals affect the nutrition of the hair. All four weaken the hair and reduce its density. It is difficult to do hair care without chemicals when both types of hair growth are affected. But before you think about it, you can ensure the safety of your hair by using natural products. 

The benefits of dill cannot be measured in your home pantry. There is no substitute for the fact that dill, rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, is very beneficial for physical health and skin beauty. Cold dill is a good remedy for hot flashes on the skin, as it releases body heat.

We have looked at how dill enhances beauty. Similarly, you can prepare a herbal shampoo with only dill. The dill should be soaked in water overnight. The next morning, gradually add the soaked dill to the water and grind it in a blender.

The amount of water to grind will decrease and foam. When you grind it again with water, the foam will foam up. Let the fermented yogurt mix with the buffer shampoo in this way and beat the mixture again. Now the shampoo is ready. If necessary, add rose water essence to the fragrance.

Before rubbing the head, check that the dill is completely crushed during bathing, without small particles. Pour the shampoo on the head and rub the hair roots well. Press and rub with your fingers to remove the dirt from the hair.

Then rinse well. Do not rinse the hair with too much hot water. This will weaken the hair. If you rinse the hair with lukewarm water, the hair follicles will be strengthened. After bathing, wipe the scalp with a clean cloth and remove the dill particles from the hair without using a hairdryer. Otherwise, they can clog other hair follicles.

Regular use of dill shampoo strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss. Heat prevents the hair from weakening.

Young people who are prone to problematic hair without adequate nutrition tend to dye their hair dark due to a lack of available nutrients. The hair color usually gives a darker complexion.

Dill can be used once a week for colds. Using dill does not cause colds because it is summer. Rubbing it on the scalp as it is, will reduce the cooling effect of soaking. Use only once every 15 days for those with sinus problems and make sure it does not cause allergies to the body and use again. There is no substitute for this herbal shampoo, which is suitable for both men and women.

Shikakai shampoo

Naturally-made shampoo at home can be a boon for the hair. Learn how to make shampoo naturally.   

Today’s lifestyle and workload bring many problems to our bodies and mind. The hair problem is the most important of them. Indiscriminate use of chemical shampoos can have serious consequences. The chemical sodium lauryl sulfate contained in them is associated with hair loss, hair fall, immune deficiency, allergies, and cataracts. Alternatively, you can use natural shampoo at home. Learn more about how to make shampoo naturally.

Shikakai, red poppy seeds, dried lemon peel. You can use it instead of shampoo if you dry everything in the sun and grind it. Just leave the water, mix it into a paste that you apply to the scalp, and take a bath. This shikakai shampoo comes with foam. Removes dandruff. The hair is dark. The hair is moisturized. Does not dry out. All ingredients used to make this natural shampoo have great medicinal properties.

Shikakai has been a natural shampoo for hundreds of years according to traditional medical texts. Its low alkalinity helps maintain the natural oiliness of the hair. Its antiseptic properties protect the hair from dandruff-like infections. It contains the molecules saponin, lactone, arabinose, and Ramos that nourish the hair and protect it from hair loss.

The flavonoids contained in the red poppy also contain vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and ascorbic acid, which promote hair growth. It also cures hair loss, dandruff, scaling, etc. Organic acid, resin, glucoside, albumin, phytosterol, furanoid, 7-hydroxyvitamin, etc. are added to the hair to strengthen it.

Lemon peel contains 5 to 10 percent more calcium and vitamin C than its juice. These give benefits and strength to the hair. The rich vitamins A, C, and minerals in mustard seeds help prevent hair breakage and hair loss.

Onion shampoo

Hair problems exist for everyone from children to adults. There are natural remedies for a number of problems such as hair loss, hair growth, and gray hair.

Normally, the hair should include. It should be dark. Among women, there are countless desires to be thick. Especially among female students, there are many such desires. Many thoughts go through my mind on how to fulfill this desire and how to grow hair without side effects. This note is a small solution to all this.

Can be washed naturally and applied to the scalp. The shampoos in the stores use a lot of chemicals in perfumes. This can be dangerous for the hair during the day. 

Take the required amount of dill, red poppy seeds, a small onion, and an egg. Grind the red petals, red poppy leaves, soaked dill, small onion, and egg white with a little water. Grind until a good paste is formed.

Rub a little water on the scalp and massage. This will create a shampoo-like foam that can be used to rub off the water. Then wash the head with shikakai powder.

Use conditioner before shampooing to brighten your hair

Caregivers make some basic mistakes on the head that the strength of the hair should be strong. Thus, the care will be ineffective.

Head bath: Do you wonder what is new in the bathroom? But our ancestors have established certain things when bathing.

Men used to bathe in oil on Saturdays and Wednesdays, and women on Tuesdays and Fridays. Today, we often bathe in May’s head every day. However, the problem of hair loss is uncontrollable.

Before shampooing

The custom of combing hair with nutmeg in the shower has weakened. We all use shampoo. Some people take off their hair, go straight to the bathroom, and pour water on their heads. Then they apply shampoo directly to their hair as usual. Then they use conditioner to keep the hair shiny.

According to hair care experts, natural conditioners can be used for hair shine and luster. Before applying the shampoo to the scalp, rub-clean coconut oil on the scalp and massage gently using the old method. Take another ten minutes to shower. 

Hair conditioner 

Today’s generation uses conditioner after using shampoo. But if you use it before your hair, you will get better results.

To do this, take coconut, almond, or olive oil and rub it on the scalp first. If you do not want oil, you can cut the cactus rag and soak the gel in it on your head. It is probably the best conditioner that nature has to offer. Twenty minutes after that, the head can be bathed.

Hair growth is accelerated by moisturizing the hair before bathing the scalp. The shine can come quickly. After such a bath you can feel the shine of your hair.

Always stick to this

If you always have dry hair, you can always massage your scalp before and after bathing. Some people have naturally straight hair. They do not have much dryness in their hair and can use this method once a month.

If you suffer from a cold, you can stick to it in the summer. Whenever possible, you should have all these components to start with to maximize the gain. Physical health will not be affected.


Keep in mind that oil massage is different than using oil as a hair conditioner. Here, an oil shampoo is applied instead of a conditioner.

You can now gently massage the oil instead of conditioner while bathing your head. This will definitely make your hair shine.

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