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How to Choose a hairstyle according to the face shape

Usually, women pay more attention to their hairstyle when they go out. But some people do not seem to wear hairstyles that match, So they spoil their facial beauty.

If you know what hairstyle goes with what makeup, you can beautify yourself.

face shape

Elliptical face

Most hairstyles are great for women with elliptical faces. Hairstyles like Free Hair and Pony Tail are very beautiful. But avoid taking the middle of the head. It makes the face look even longer. People with elongated faces should not try to style hair that falls on the forehead.

Round face shape

People with a round face shape can cut their hair in layers up to shoulder size. There are different types of layer cut, such as 90-degree layer cut and 1-degree layer cut. In a 90-degree layered cut, the hair is cut into multiple layers. People with a lot of hair can opt for this cut. In a 1-degree layered cut, the layers are minimal. People with a low hair density can opt for this cut.

Heart-shaped face

People with a heart-shaped face structure have a larger forehead and a narrower, curved jaw. They have a fringe cut and front bangs. In this fringe cut, the two front bangs are available in a straight cut, a side cut, and a two-sided cut.

Triangular Face

Your forehead is big and your jaw is small, you have a triangular face. For such people, it is not appropriate to cut the hair in the front. Make a U or V cut and a high ponytail to get a trendy look.

Tips to consider before cutting your hair

  • Apply shampoo to the scalp six hours before the haircut and let it dry clean.
  • Choose a hair salon that is as good as possible. Do not take risks in new hair salons.
  • Do not wear the same hairstyle all the time, wearing a different hairstyle every two months will keep your hair healthy.

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The technique of straightening your hair

Shampoo and conditioner

Do you live in a place with very high humidity? Or do you have great hair? Sometimes it can go unnoticed. An hour after a long nap, it is nourishing and soft. But after that, it returns to its old, malnourished state and loses its smooth and supple texture. And if you heat your hair with a straightening iron, it can be damaged in the long run. The scalp loses its natural density, and the hair looks dry and matted. That’s why a hair straightening shampoo is a good solution for you. It will give your hair a nice smooth texture.

Hair straightening cream

Straightening your scalp with a hot tool is unnatural. The heating can cause a lot of damage. If you use hair straightening cream, you can avoid such side effects. Besides, it will bring you good benefits.

  • First, take a little cream.
  • Spread this cream while combing the hair with your fingers from the root to the top of the head. Apply the cream to the scalp according to the thickness and length of the hair.
  • Then comb your hair with a large-tooth comb. This will allow the cream to spread everywhere.
  • Divide your scalp hair into 3 or 4 parts. Then attach a hair clip. 
  • This will remove all the snarls and tangles. Do this for all sections. Both hot-air and hair straightening cream will make your scalp look fantastic.

Hot Air Blower

If you do not like straight hair but want to have healthier, thicker, and brittle hair, you can use this hot air blower. It will give your hair a better look. However, it takes some time and you need to get used to it a little bit. In this way, your hair will get a nice natural look, and this method is better than using a hot straightener. After you straighten your hair with shampoo, you can try this. This will help you get rid of a frizzy, matted, and tired look.

Straightener to straighten your hair

With this device, you can straighten your main hair as you like. In the past, this device was made of metal plates. These can damage your scalp hair. But now it is made of high-quality ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium plates. It helps your scalp to have beautiful contours without darkening it. However, excessive ironing can cause more damage to your scalp. This device will give your scalp a beautiful, smooth, and curly look. Next, divide your hair into sections and iron it from roots to ends so that you get the same look until you comb your hair. For an even better result, you can do this after washing your hair with shampoo for straightening and smoothing hair. In this way, the scalp will remain evenly nourished for longer.

The permanent hair straightening tool

Some chemicals are used to make the scalp smooth and straight. Although this method is supposed to color, it is only effective until the hair has completely grown back. Overuse of chemicals can also lead to hair breakage and an uneven appearance. Remember that hair texture, even if it looks perfectly smooth to your eye, is created. If it is not taken care of, it can destroy the natural structure of your scalp and make it weak and lifeless.


  • If you straighten your hair, you can make up as you like every day.
  • Now you can finish the curls.
  • You can take a vacation for the days you struggled with a bad scalp.


  • The hair on the head looks artificial.
  • You need to do regular maintenance. During the day, the difference between curly and straight hair ends is obvious.

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What is straightening?

It is a method that will make your hair smooth and silky without losing its natural look. This will make your scalp more manageable and give you the makeup you want. It helps to repair tired, unruly, and curly hair. Even though chemicals are used in the process, this method is more effective than the straightening method. This method works for 5-9 months, depending on how often you brush your hair. You need to perform the necessary care.


  • It eliminates matted hair. Smoothes your hair.
  • Helps to make up your hair easily.
  • It is suitable for all hair types. It is made with natural protein.
  • It will not be as hard to tie as new.
  • You will get a more natural and bouncy look.


  • Straightening chemical contains may cause eye irritation, skin irritation, and allergy. Therefore, it is better to take a small dose and test it, and then use it completely.
  • Straightening chemicals can be harmful to health, especially if you inhale them.

Brazilian hair treatment

This treatment is usually recommended for people with dry or wavy hair. Cysteine is also an amino acid. It is found in the hair on your head. It gives elasticity to the hair on your head. This treatment does not look like using harsh treatments and synthetic chemicals, but it prevents friction and movement and gives a good look.


  • Your head hair becomes shiny and toxic.
  • It does not contain harsh chemicals and formaldehyde.
  • It helps to provide your hair with good nutrients from root to tip.
  • Unlike rebinding, it loses its character quickly over time and can show a difference between new growing hair and treated hair.


  • The effect of this treatment is limited to 14-16 weeks.
  • This is an expensive treatment method.
  • The effect is not permanent for many days.


  • You can choose which of the treatment methods mentioned here is beneficial for you and fits your budget.

How to get a wet look with moderate curls?

  • First, wash your hair. Then let it dry. It is important that you dry your hair without a hair dryer.
  • After that, fix it with a styling brush. Take water from a spray bottle (or sea salt spray) and spray it on your hair to moisturize it. Spray it from the roots to the last tip. Remember to cook the hair while spraying. Spray without spraying too much.
  • Next, you should make small knots. Braid the hair from root to tip (for a clear wet hair look). After ten minutes, let the braids fall apart. The wet hair look is complete with a moderate wave!

Other styling looks

If you do not need tight curls with braids, you can also use the other wet hair styling methods listed below.

Style 1 

Once your hair is dry, spray it with water and give it a good squeeze with your fingers (squeeze while touching).

Style 2

Use a comb with defined tines and comb your hair from front to back. This is a stunning finish.

Style 3

Use a wedge. Can be straight or sideways. Combine it again with a comb with small tines. This will give a smooth finish.

To make the hairstyle last, apply a texturizing hairspray or shine spray at the end.

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