how you can protect nails by avoiding brittle nails?

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Why do you need to protect your nails?

The nail is an organ that grows on the tips of the fingers and toes. It is made of a proteinaceous structure and is called ‘carotene’. Nails grow from the cuticle where the nail and flesh meet. As new cells form, old cells are pushed forward and turn white at the tip of the nail. New cells are alive and older cells are lifeless. Therefore, biting or cutting into the nail tip does not trigger seizures.

Protein, biotin, vitamin A, calcium, zinc, and iron are needed for the natural growth of nails. you can intake these nutrients by eating Fish, meat, mangoes, bananas, greens, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, soybeans, jaggery, and whole grains.

Every day we touch many objects. From them, dirty and invisible germs get onto our fingers in large numbers. These penetrate into the underside of the nail. Contaminated nails cause various infections in us.

Dirty nails are the main cause of infections such as vomiting, diarrhea, and intestinal worms. If you have habits like nail-biting and finger cleaning, the germs from the dirt of nails can enter your body.

Beauty salons take care of our nails with manicures and pedicures, but somehow the main cause of nail diseases is nail fungus. bitting the nail, cutting the flesh while trimming the nail, and piercing with a sharp object are common mistakes that you do while cleaning the nails. As a result, bacterial germs attack the skin and muscles around the nail. 

Soak your fingernails in the warm soap solution for around 10 minutes. After that, you can use a soft brush to clean the dirt between the fingernails and the flesh. Wipe the fingertips with a clean cotton swab.

How you can protect your nail from breaking?

There are many types of nail art. First of all, you need the right nail for nail art. Many people use artificial nails instead of their own nails to do nail art because they do not have proper nail care.

Nail development

Nails are formed by a kind of protein called keratin in our body. This keratin is not only responsible for nails but also for hair. On average, a person’s fingernail grows only one piece per centimeter per month, and for some, it is even stunted. Regardless of how the fingernail grows, maintenance is a must. Make sure that the nail is protected from damage.

How to get strong nails

No matter what special care you give to your nails such as manicure and pedicure eventually the nail which has been kept safely for many days will break. The reason for this is the insufficient nutrition in our body. For nails, it is best to eat foods that contain a lot of calcium and protein.

Eat foods containing iron, such as milk with peppermint, so that even broken nails grow well.

Omega-3 nutrients are very helpful for strengthening nails. For this purpose consume sea fish once a week.

Drink milk daily in the morning and evening to get calcium.

Nutrients like vitamins are important for the strength of nails. Consume spinach and vegetables.

High consumption of foods rich in vitamin A and protein strengthens nails. Add vegetables such as carrots and beet.

Add fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and grapes, which belong to the berry family.

Add chia seeds. These contribute to the availability of healthy nails.

For the protection and care of nails

For nails, it is better to eat foods rich in calcium and proteins. It is better to include eggs in the diet daily to get these nutrients. High consumption of foods rich in vitamin A and biotin (vitamin B) can increase the strength of nails. Add vegetables such as carrots and beet.

Add chia seeds which are good for healthy nails. Heat warm olive oil and massage it into nails once a week to prevent them from breaking. If you rub two drops of almond oil on the nails, it helps to grow healthy and strong nails.

Use only nail polishes. Frequent use of nail polish remover can be detrimental to the nails. It is better to use a little glycerin with the nail polish remover.

Oil massage is very good for nails. Take a teaspoon of olive oil and heat it. Put it on the wart areas of the nails and massage it.

Twenty seconds of massage on each finger is enough. Massage and wash your hands half an hour later. This will allow the nails to grow and the cuticles around the nails will remain healthy without splitting.

Very strong soaps or soap powder should be kept away from your hands frequently.

Heat warm olive oil and massage it into the nails once a week to protect the nails from breaking.

Avoid shaping the nails when the hands are wet.

Understand that your body is dehydrated when the flesh around the nails seems to tear.

Apply coconut oil or other homemade oil before cutting the nails and after a while, the nails can be cut into the desired shape.

Do not bite the nail with your teeth. There is a greater risk of breaking the nails. Sometimes there is bleeding.

Do not cut the tips of the nails completely. This will cause the flesh covering the nail to grow and cause more pain.

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Things you should do in order to get beautiful, shiny nails.

Many people do not take care of their nails. Some feel tense and children have a habit of biting their nails. This can be harmful to the body. Nails are more susceptible to pathogens.

Wash your hands before eating. Nail health can be affected if the chemicals used to scrub utensils remain in the nails.

Tips for the care of manicures

Heat the water and mix some salt into it. If you leave your fingers in it for a while, the fingers will look refreshed. Some people find it hard to cut the nail because the nail is hard. When such people cut their nails after bathing, the nails can be cut easily because it is wet.

Apply coconut oil and cut them after a while. For people whose nails break frequently, you can dip the nails in a little baby oil to make them stronger.

Mix glycerin and lemon juice, apply it to the nails and wash it off after a while, then the nails will become shiny. Apply almond oil to the nails and wash it off with peanut flour after a while to make the nails shiny.

Do this once a month to get good results. Soak the sponge in lukewarm milk and rub it on the nails to remove the dirt from the nails and make the nails shiny.

Nutrients like iron and calcium are responsible for the instability of nails. So eat vegetables and food.

Method to protect toenails

Keep the toenails small. Long toenails have never been as beautiful as they are now. Short toenails not only look neat but also are very beautiful. Another important point is that small nails are very easy to clean.

Use brushes to clean the nails. These are easy to use and remove dead skin between toenails to make toenails look beautiful.

Do not forget to clean the toenails when bathing. We use soaps when bathing to remove body dirt and body odor. Why not use them to clean your toenails as well? If you use a mild soap, do not forget to clean not only the nails and the area around them, but also the front and heel area of the feet.

If you often wear shoes, you should put them on when the shoes are dried. Because if you constantly wet and cover your feet, your toenails will become brittle and dry.

To make the toenails look clean and beautiful, apply nail polish on the skin color at the end. Then the nails will look like new. Do not forget to remove the old nail polish every week and apply a new one. Once a week the nails should be cleaned according to the above instructions.

Application of neem oil between toenails heals cuticles. Mix a little rock salt, turmeric, or neem oil in it and leave the feet in it for a while.

How you can get healthy nails

Do your nails break and fall out frequently? It can be very annoying when your nails break and fall out. Do your nails break and fall out often? It can be very annoying if your nails are nailed down so tightly that they can break and fall out. It may be a coincidence that your nails break and fall out at any time. But it is a problem if your nails continue to break and fall out. This means that you need to focus on your nails. You can get strong, beautiful nails if you follow the ways to solve this problem.

Focus on the epidermis

We use oil for our face, hair, etc. It is also beneficial for our nails if we use it. If your nails are weak or were like that when you were born, you should use good nail polish.

Liquid for hands and nails

Water can dry out your nails. Therefore, it is important to moisturize your hands and nails every time you wash your hands.

Apply nail polish

Even if it is a base coat, using nail polish will protect your nails and control moisture loss. The base coat also prevents the color of your nails from fading. However, do not use too much acetone, alcohol, or ethanol acetate in nail polish. They can attack your nails.

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Simple solutions for brittle nails.

For women, growing their nails, shaping them, and applying nail polish is a kind of beauty. Nails lose their strength due to various reasons. This affects the beauty of your fingers. With proper nutrition, these effects are eliminated and nails begin to grow stronger.

Broken nails can affect the appearance of your hands and make them look unkempt. You can get treated with artificial nails or gel nails, but why waste money when you can find a solution at home?

Below are some ways you can improve the nourishment of your nails with natural ingredients. Try them and you will get unbroken nail beauty.

Sea salt and wheat germ

A mask of sea salt and wheat germ increases the content of fatty acids and antioxidants in your nails and relieves their weakness. Both raw materials remove dead cells, promote oxygenation and improve growth.

Vitamin E oil

In case you do not already know: Vitamin E oil is the best solution for your nail problems. It nourishes your nails and strengthens them. To keep your nails healthy, massage your nails with vitamin E oil for 5-20 minutes every day.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very good for dry and brittle nails. Coconut oil, which has excellent moisturizing properties, nourishes and moisturizes dry and brittle nails. When coconut oil moisturizes nails, massage improves blood circulation.

Sea salt

Keep your fingers in sea salt and water to nourish weak and brittle nails. Helps nourish nails and keeps them supple.

Castor oil and vitamin E

Lantern oil best protects nails and keeps them hydrated. It contains fatty acids and high-quality protein. Helps to strengthen the shape of the nails. Reduces nail breakage and promotes growth. Vitamin E eliminates toxins caused by the use of chemicals.

Garlic and cactus

This cream is made from garlic and cactus and is rich in antioxidants and amino acids. This prevents the nail from breaking. They reduce the likelihood that fungi and germs attack.

Grape seed oil and almonds

The antioxidants and minerals in grape seed prevent damage to nails from dirt and chemicals. Almond oil provides moisture and strength.

Here are some simple ways to treat your dry hands

In our work, we have to use our hands frequently. The main problem with such hands is dry skin! Do not even ask this in winter. Let us see how you can solve the problem.

Causes of dry hands

Yes! Hand washing is very important. If you do it too often in winter, the skin will be affected. Due to the extreme cold, moisture is removed from the body and the hands become dry.

The inevitable situation

The hands are dry and paler than normal.

The skin folds also appear more pronounced.

The eruptions seem to worsen when they are dry.

Some may even bleed from the eruption.

Remedies for dry hands

Moisturizer: This cream is available exclusively for hands. Buy it and rub it on your hands daily. It is very important that you buy a cream that is suitable for your skin.

Gloves: Dry hands are easily remedied at home. Waterproof gloves made of cotton or leather can be worn in winter as a precaution. They can be up to knee-length and are available on all shopping websites.

Oils: Rubbing homemade coconut oil, olive oil, or essential oils on your skin will make it more supple. You can also buy other essential oils in stores. You can use these as well.

Vaseline: This is available in all stores and should always be kept at home. Always carry it in your handbag when you go out. Rub it three times a day.

Alovera: Its gel is very good for the skin. If you rub it before bathing and take a bath half an hour later, it will reduce the dryness of the skin and protect your hands from cracks. You can apply it at night before going to bed, wear gloves and wash it off the next morning.

Butter: If you apply it on your hands in the morning and in the evening, you will not get unwanted cracks and wrinkles will be avoided.

Oats: Whether oats protect your heart or not, is the big question. It is very good to grind oats with olive oil and rub it on your hands. This will protect the moisture in your hands.

Olive oil: Rub olive oil in the morning before bathing and massage it so that your skin does not lose moisture. If you do not have time in the morning, you can also rub your hands in the evening before going to bed.

Protect your hands from drying out

If you have dry skin, which will only get more in winter, you should be careful. People with this problem should definitely not touch the water too often. Do not move your hands in the sun, explosions may increase. Avoid using hand wash/soaps that are overly chemical.

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