How to choose hair colors according to the skin and protect that?

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Take care of colored hair and choose the right shampoo

If you use a low-quality shampoo, the hair can quickly lose health, dry out and the color can fade.

What you should know about colored hair

Before you choose one, you should make sure that the color suits your face and hair although there are many colors you can dye your hair with, you need to see if it will give you a naturally beautiful look. Decide whether you want to dye only a part of your hair or dye it completely in the same color. 

The color you choose should match the color of your skin. Only in this way you can keep your natural color. Decide whether you want to dye only gray hair or dye the whole hair. Plan the cost of dyeing hair. You need to see if it meets your expectations and decide what quality you want to use.


Vitamin C, in particular, helps keep the blood vessels in the root area of the hair healthy. It also helps hair retain nutrients like vitamin C, iron, and protein. This makes you realize that you should eat more nutrient-rich foods, especially eggs and carrots. This will help keep the hair thick and strong.

Useful rinse

For the care of colored hair, you should use a good nourishing conditioner. Also, the color applied to the hair will not fade for several days.

Devices that heat the hair

The first enemy of colored hair is heating devices. Especially the iron heater, which is used to dry the hair. You should avoid them at all costs.

Choose the right dye

Hair dyes are available in many brands. They also come at many prices and in many varieties that contain different products. The most important thing is the quality. 

Avoid frequent head baths

If you have colored your scalp, you should avoid bathing your scalp daily or occasionally. If you do, the dye will fade quickly. This can make your hair look unhealthy. So, schedule a scalp bath once or twice a week as directed by the expert.

Leave-in conditioner

This helps to protect the hair from tangles and other problems especially protecting it from things like the sun.

Be careful before you take a head bath

Make sure the water you use does not contain chlorine. Especially if you are bathing in a swimming pool, the water may naturally have chlorine in it. 

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Don’t do this while coloring the hair

Do not dye your hair twice at the same time

Do not forget that there will be dyes and other ingredients and chemicals used for hair. It may even affect your hair. So once you dye, then after a sufficient break you need to do other necessary care things for your hair.

Do not paint continuously often

Once you dye your hair, then after a few months, re-dye only if necessary. Otherwise, if you continue to apply the dye frequently, it may ruin the health of your hair and affect its growth of the hair.

Do not use heat-inducing substances

Do not use any heat-inducing material, especially iron, a hot air dryer, or curling iron. 

Random dyeing

After you have dyed it for the first time, a few days later, when you try to dye the newly emerged hair, do not choose only a few hairs. In doing so, a uniform appearance cannot be obtained. And it may even affect the beauty of your hair.

Do not bathe in hot water

Under no circumstances should dyed hair be rinsed in hot water. If you do, the dye will fade quickly and the color may fade.

Chlorine should be avoided

If the water you use contains chlorine, it is best to avoid it. Chlorine hardens the hair and affects its smooth appearance. Also, the dye is more likely to cause damage quickly.

Why do we have to avoid Hair masks and shampoo?

If you have a habit of applying the mask to your hair from time to time, it is better to avoid it. Such a mask and shampoo will affect the dye of your hair and make it fade. Thus your efforts may go in vain.

Safety Tips to Take Before Coloring

  • The dye you choose to paint must be in good condition, without expiration make sure the dye you choose is of good quality, should approach an experienced professional and try to dye your hair once a month. 
  • Better to take hot oil treatment before dyeing the hair. This will help the dye to hold the hair well. 
  • Relax and choose a perfect color. Do not choose the wrong color in a hurry or in an interesting collar. It may affect your beauty. 
  • Add one or two colors and if it is beautiful for your face, apply it to the hair. If not, do not forget to choose the right color you plan to dye your hair at home, you need to take the necessary precautions. 

Choosing the right shampoo for coloring

  • These will help to better preserve the color of the hair if your hair is long and thick, you should choose a nourishing shampoo. choose a shampoo that is not affected by chemicals. 
  • Eliminate damaged shampoo that is mild, not harsh this will help keep the dye in good condition for more days. you need to choose a shampoo that gives good firmness not only to the hair but also to the root. sulfate-free shampoo would be the right choice to emphasize price and do not use low-quality shampoo.

Question and Answers

Can shampoo for dyed hair be applied to other hair?

Can be used. Although these are made exclusively for dyed hair, they can be used liberally on other hair as well. Will give good results.

How often can I apply shampoo to dyed hair?

It can be used twice a week. It is especially good to have no sulfate in that shampoo. If too much shampoo is used too often, it can cause the hair to lose moisture and lose its luster. It is especially good to use natural products.

How do I know which shampoo is right for my dyed hair?

Before you buy shampoo, read about it on the website. Then, find out the type of hair you have and whether it is suitable for the dye you are applying. Do some research like that and then choose the shampoo that is best for you.

Is it good to shampoo the scalp after applying the dye?

No. It does not stick well to the dyed hair and will let go immediately. Thus you may not get the expected benefit. So after two or three days, you should use shampoo. Try to bathe the head at least a day later. Do not shampoo and bathe your head on the same day as the dye.

How to comb the hair after dyeing?

Generally, cold water should be applied to the head. After painting, remember to follow the instructions given to you exactly. Rinse hair quickly without using too much water. Thus the dye will be in good condition for many days without being affected.

Can a commonly used shampoo be applied to dyed hair?

Can be used. However, you need to make sure it is safe. Especially do not let the hair dry out. And you should not use it every day.

Make your own chemical-free natural hair dye

Hair Dyes evoke fear in many people. The reason is that there are many side effects in your body caused by the chemicals mixed in it. The head is the most important part of your body. We should not distort the internal organs for the external causes of graying of our hair on our heads. Ammonia, a toxin in the hair dye we use, is the cause of many things, from skin cancer.

People with gray hair may find it useless to use multiple hair dyes. The reason is that it contains a lot of chemicals in the hair will start to shed. It will come back later even if used once. But if you apply this natural hair, the hair will not come back. And has no effect on the body.

So why do you use hair dye unnecessarily and cause side effects when there is a way to get our beauty back naturally without chemical additives. Prepare chemical-free hair dye naturally with your own hands. Use it to maintain your health and brighten up your beauty.

There are two ways to make a chemical-free natural hair dye. The first method is to make a hair tie using gooseberries.


First, take 500 g of dried gooseberry. Dried gooseberries are also available at country drugstores. Put these in an iron pan, pour two tablespoons of coconut oil, and fry the dried gooseberries in it. Fry the gooseberries until well browned. Once all the gooseberries have turned black, add a cup of water and bring to a boil. When it boils and half the water comes out, let it cool down.

Put the dried gooseberries in a mixer and grind. It can be kept in the fridge and used for up to ten days. This should be followed by rubbing on the head for three days. It is necessary to rub in oil-free hair. This mixture should be rubbed into the hair only. Shampoo on the third day and wash the head. By doing this the gray hair will turn black and the gray hair will not come back.


The second method of making a chemical-free hair dye product is to use henna, and Avuri powders.

Auri powder is available at country drugstores. Naturally, it will give a darker color. Take it to the hair size and grind it with an equal amount of henna powder or henna leaf and apply it to the scalp. If you take a bath after half an hour, your hair will turn dark.

These chemical-free natural hair dye methods will last for several days depending on each person’s body type. In general, attention should be paid to the diet to prevent hair loss. Eating two eggs a day can help prevent puberty. Similarly, the chain can be controlled by eating omega-3-rich foods like fish.

You can now do hair color from home!

Women, take some time not only for facial beauty but also for hair care.  Let’s see how to make some natural hair dyes for you at home.


Coffee helps to darken your hair. It would be nice to see if your hair is darker and dark when you go out wearing dark color clothes. For this, the coffee should be brewed thickly. After it cools down, put two spoons of coffee powder in the head pack and wash the hair after an hour. If vinegar is used instead of conditioner, the color will remain the same for a long time.

Tea pack

If the natural dark color is enough, you can dry the teabag. It helps to cover gray hair. Take 2-3 tea bags or equivalent tea powder and boil it well in water. It should be applied on the scalp with the conditioner or alone. If you wash it after an hour, you will get the dark color you want.

Using many colors for coloring

Red color coloring: If you want to know the shade of red in your hair, you can use marigold, rose petals, and red poppy petals. Boil them in hot water to reveal their color. This water can be sprayed or applied to the hair and dried in the sun for a while to get a natural color. This can be done even more often, thus getting better results.


Hyssop has long been used to color and cool hair, hands, feet, and nails. This will give the hair a red-orange color. Mix two tablespoons of henna powder, lemon juice, and one tablespoon of vinegar and apply to the hair for 2 to 6 hours to get a good color.

Be careful when coloring hair. Do not forget to use conditioner and follow all the instructions in the parlor.

10 Wonderful Hair Coloring Perfect For Dusky Skin

Choosing the right hair color for our skin color is a very challenging task for us. A variety of colors have now come to overcome this difficulty. You can change your hair color to your favorite color like purple, red, or maroon by following the instructions given below.

How to choose hair colors according to the skin and protect that?

Mix Matte Color

Sometimes color may not give us enough charming charm. At times like that, we have to choose a two-color palette. The ping and dark pink color is suitable for tusky skin and is very.

Beautiful Chocolate color

Who does not like chocolate? There is hardly anyone who is not fascinated by taste and color. The color of the chocolate is impressive to everyone.

Chic Brown Kilties

Some people do not like to have their hair completely colored. At such times it is beautiful to look curly if you do brown coloring only on the sensitive lower part of your hair.

Beyonce Like Oprah

Oprah is the most admired and inspired hair color of 2017. Everyone is addicted to this hair color which only does the front without the whole hair.

Sultry Red

The most suitable color for those with a dusky tone is Hindu Fair. This red color helps to make your hair look thicker and darker.

Blunt Baby 

It takes a lot of courage to choose this color. The reason is that the magnificence of this color cannot be expressed in words. This color can give a completely cute look.

Purple Color

This purple color is a great gift for those with dark skin. It helps to make you look absolutely beautiful and cute.

Caramel Color

The brown color in caramel candy is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. You can choose this instead of Dark Brown. This also applies to highlighting.

Honey Color

Who does not like the honey color? This honey color which is very delicate is captivating to the beholder. Very suitable for those with tusky skin tone.

Pink to give love

Those who want to color instantly can choose a pink color. It can be used only for highlighting or even at the ends of the hair.

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