choosing clothes according to the body shape

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Choose clothes that are suitable for your body shape.

Before picking up any clothes, we need to know our body shape so that we can choose the clothes ourselves. When we dress according to our body shape, it completes our figure. So before buying anything, know your body shape or figure.

Triangular Shape

If your waist area is bigger than your bust and cleavage, your body belongs to the triangular type. For such body types, wear tops and jackets that are below your waist. Also, wear light-colored clothes on the upper half of your body and dark-colored pants and pants on the lower half of your body.

Apple-shaped body

If the upper part of your body, i.e. the chest area, is larger and the lower part is thinner than it, understand that your body is in the shape of an ‘apple’. You should wear clothes that do not stick to your waist. If you wear a top that protrudes above the vestibule, your top will be too heavy and will not look nice.

Hole shaped body

For girls with ship-shaped bodies to look stylish, it is important to emphasize their shoulders. This will help to balance their body shape. You can use scarves, pashmina shawls, and colorful necklaces for this purpose. Wear a top with different shapes and accessories. Avoid wearing tight pants, capri pants, short skirts, and pencil skirts. Flared pants and a flared skirt will look good on you.

Rectangular body shape

People with this body shape are balanced from shoulders to hips. With this body shape, your shoulder and hip measurements are almost the same. Sleeveless and strapless dresses fit this figure. Apart from that, you can also combine blazers and long jackets with your outfit. People with this body shape should avoid dresses with ruffles and fringes.

Glass shape

If both your bust and hips are equal, your body shape is a mirror. The mirror shape is a perfect body shape and such women love everything they wear. Remember to choose only comfortable clothes. Because if you are tight and not the right size, your appearance may deteriorate.

The only beauty is wearing clothes that fit the body.

They will say that half of the man is half of the dress. Many people like to wear their favorite clothes but never see if they fit us. It is beautiful to wear clothes that fit the body. Otherwise, it will not be suitable even if you wear a beautiful dress.

Women who are obese should wear appropriate clothing. Wear a little loose clothing. Do not wear too loose clothing for that. It is also a mistake to dress in the right size and to be too tight to breathe.

Colorful clothes make you look even bigger. Less colorful clothes make you look less fat and show more height. Women should wear jewelry that matches their outfits. Only then will the body look beautiful.

It would also be nice if you do not wear big earrings. We should wear jewelry that matches the outfit we are wearing. Instead of wearing favorite clothes and jewelry, we can enhance our beauty with matching clothes and accessories.

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Are you too thin? Are you chubby?

When it comes to clothes, everyone should choose the kind of clothes that fit their body. Do not dress out of desire and do not act in a way that is ridiculous to others. We can turn the disadvantages we have into advantages by choosing the right clothes.

For example, those who are plump and dwarfed, very thin, I have a good structure, but if you look at the smart no, this problem can be corrected to some extent, although not completely. For them, it is very difficult to bear to be dissatisfied with what they wear. Those who are chubby, in any case, should not choose very smooth clothes.

The reason is that such clothes stick to the body and expose the body parts. Especially the chest, hips, and back, which can be a nuisance for onlookers. It is better to avoid such clothing altogether. If you like this kind of fabric, choose clothes that are the least comfortable. Clothing made of cotton is best.

The most important thing to note when women wear a top is not to wear leggings. Especially those with dwarf plumpness, as well as being very tight. The size of the pelvic area should be reduced to bring the structure to a certain extent. The back looks ugly if too tight. So pay attention to the middle area and wear the top.

Those who are thin should avoid very thin pants because they make the body look sticky. When you wear the top, make sure that the hand size is not too low. This will make your long arms (because they are thin) even longer.

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Ideas to make those who are plump look underweight.

People who are overweight can lose weight through exercise; For that, serious effort is required. But, by wearing certain types of clothes, they can look like they are underweight.

Some people choose to be chubby because their body weight is right and they have a lot of muscle spasms on their faces. Women can leave the hair loose on their forehead, which often falls into their face. If you want to wear a striped dress, you can wear clothes with vertical stripes.

In this way, the chubby people look slim. Chubby people can also beautify themselves by wearing pants – shirts/tops – bottoms, which are often one color. If they are too tight, the back will look ugly. Therefore, you should pay attention to this. Do not wear loose clothing.

Some style tips to show off obese body skinny

If you want to look slim to look obese, dieting is not enough. You also need to change your style a little bit. Some clothes, though bulky, make them look a little skinny. Our beauty is not only revealed in the body. So pay a little attention to the dress code as well. Here are some style tips to help you lose weight.

Women who wear a midi dress always look a little slimmer than other women. People who are a little fat can choose a midi dress, but the midi dress should not be too long. Choose shorts that are about half the length of a knee. If you wear a short midi, your body language will look a little thin.

Do not wear too tight clothing. Tight clothing will show off the excess flesh in your body to others. You can wear the right size slim-fit jeans. To fit those jeans, it is essential to wear the right heels. When wearing high heels, you can make your body look a little more skinny.

Beautiful dark red and black colors are very attractive. Do not wear pants above the waist. Wear pants below the waist, in the area of the belly button. If it is a striped dress with horizontal stripes, your weight will show a little more.

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Dummy shapewear to keep your belly inside.

Nowadays, women use shapewear to look glamorous. Good shapewear not only conceals the imperfections of your body but also highlights the beauty that matches the body composition. Nowadays, it is a hit.

But still, your understanding enhances your outfit. It adds a lot to your slim look. There are many options on the market and you can choose the shapewear for weight loss, legs, hips, abdomen, and thighs according to your needs.

What is Shapewear

Is it important for women to know what shapewear is? It does not mean that men can not use it. But the need is greater for women. Often, women do not feel comfortable when they are dressed. If you use shareware, you can look slimmer in the short term. It is a kind of underwear. You can wear it inside to match your outfit. It helps to hide your fat.

Saree is in the trend of shapewear

Saree shapewear makes you slimmer by compressing the extra fat near your belly. It also has a vest to keep the folds of the saree in place, and the sled on the side will not give you any trouble when you walk. Apart from saris, it can be worn with any outfit for the right shape, from dresses to skirts.

The hardware is very trendy nowadays

Women use body shapers when they wear modern clothes. This is because women in these clothes do not look funny. If you have a big belly, wear a body shaper to make it look smaller. In this way, you can wear your dress comfortably. In addition, there are complete body shapes that you can wear. These types of shapewear hide the imperfections of your body.

Dummy shapers that keep your belly inside

Who does not wish to have an apartment stomach? Maybe you too would like to have an apartment stomach. But if you think of shrinking it, you will get quite sweaty. That’s why I am going to tell you how to make your belly smaller. You need to wear a dummy shaper. There is underwear that keeps your belly inside. No matter what clothes you wear, your belly will not show out. We are mainly talking about the modern style here. You can wear a dummy shaper with this type of outfit. This type of shapewear will give you a good look. On the contrary, we would say that it will boost your self-confidence.

Beautiful dress that reduces body weight and gives a slim fit.

Every woman wants to be beautiful, whether she is thin or fat. However, fat women have the idea that they can do anything, but slim women can not be as cute as they look. There is always a certain reluctance in overweight women, especially when it comes to stylish clothes. You can not lose weight and become slim in one day. If you want to look slimmer at a party or meeting, you can often conceal your increased weight by making small changes to your appearance. Small changes to your wardrobe will impress everyone with their instant slim look. Let us get to know their tricks.

Choose the right fit

Whenever a plus-size woman chooses an outfit, she should pay special attention to whether it fits her. Avoid buying tight or tight-fitting clothes if you already have extra fat. Not only that, with the help of clothes you can do wonders. We should avoid such clothes that cling to the body or clothes that are too heavy.

More confidence and plus size fashion

Women feel ashamed of their physique. But this should not happen. Nowadays, many styles have been invented. It is better to have a bad horse than no horse at all. You can choose from many outfits that will make you look beautiful in modern clothes.

Do not try to hide your belly

The biggest problem for overweight women is that they choose clothes that hide their age. They choose the wrong clothes and will look even denser. Tight and layered clothes increase the weight of overweight women. There is no reason to cover the belly because the weight cannot be hidden, but you can show it less.

Do not wear leggings

Plus-size women often avoid wearing leggings. Plus-size women and girls should wear pants instead of covering their legs. This is because wearing leggings will bring out the fat on your legs, while pants will not, as they will cover your fat completely.

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People with a slim physique can wear this type of clothing!

Generally, we divide women’s body types into apple models, pear models, rectangular models, and hourglass models.

Slim physique

Blouses and pants suit this body type. Choose pencil pants that show off your waist and give your legs a nice contour. If you use basic colors like black and white, make them interesting by wearing a metallic jacket and dark shoes. Darker colors, like maroon, go well with black and white. So for a night party, you will achieve an elegant look with maroon lipstick and maroon heels.

The body structure of the bulb

For the body in the hourglass system, the pencil skirt fits. If you choose a printed skirt, combine it with a plain, low-cut blouse or shirt. Wear a short jacket that goes down to your waist. If it is longer, your waist area will be thicker.

Adorn your hair to show off your earrings. You can also wear a bracelet or ring to accentuate the daytime look. Wear simple heels in a similar tone.

Dwarf slim look.

If you have this look, choose a dress that shows off your legs. It will make you appear taller. Waist-high dresses are perfect for such body types.

To look elegant, you can wear it with a blouse with a kitty collar. Adding a coat or boyfriend jacket to it will make you look even taller. Watch sandals are ideal for day and evening.

If you are tall or slim, wear a tie like this one!

Nowadays, women are paying more and more attention to fashion. They are also very interested in finding the right dress, jewelry, and color for themselves. Choose clothes that match your body language and color, and then you will look beautiful! Tall and slim women look beautiful with cross-striped dresses or dresses with large patterns or large borders. Plump women look beautiful and slim in dresses with small patterns, dresses in short stripes, and dresses with narrow borders.

There is a general opinion that dark colors are suitable for red women and light colors for black women, but this is completely wrong. If women who are black wear light-colored dresses, they will look more black. But red women will look more beautiful if they wear light colors.

Medium colors are best for black women without being too light and too dark. For example, if black women wear blue, they will look more beautiful and colorful.

What are the activities that harm our health in the name of fashion? 

There are so many things you can do in the name of fashion that is risky. Fashion is a good chance. What will you do if it puts you at risk? Let us find out how the worst fashion patterns are a risk.

Many of us have a high desire to be fashionable. But a few people do not like fashion. The reason is to hate it to that extent. And some people are forced to be themselves because others are fashionable.

Shapewear is worn by women. Many use it with the idea that it should be cute to look at. But this shapewear can affect the blood flow in the thigh muscles and cause muscle pain and tension.

Many who go to the doctor’s office tie these bands. Most often, doctors say that they affect the blood flow in the lower part of our neck.

Research shows that the long sandals you wear are not good for you. They can affect the foot and its muscles and cause more pain. Besides, such sandals can cause skin cancer.

Clothes to crawl during pregnancy

Let women worry about the clothes they wear during pregnancy. Celebrate your motherhood boom. This post will help you if you have no idea what to wear during pregnancy.

Choose strapless maxi dresses when getting ready for a photo or a party. Focus on your belly and shoulders and the style of strapless dress will impress others.

Do you regret that you can not wear your favorite dresses? Then why not opt for a pair of noodle strappy pants. Choosing dark colors and the shape of flowers will also make your maternity look beautiful.

If you want to be recognized as cute and chic even after motherhood, then these short and long tops are what you need. The presence of stretchy material is still good. If you were to wear only this kind of tops and shoes that contrast with the dress on your legs, no one would know that you are a mother.

Bohemian style is a modern fashion dress that combines both trends and fashion. It will show you off wherever you go during pregnancy. These bohemian dresses are a wonderful choice for women who are going to be a mother soon.

Jump Suits are exclusive for women who have always carried a child. Even if she is carrying another child, this dress is magical enough to make her look like a child. This dress is a blessing for women who have already become a mother. You have a choice of interesting tunics or tops to go with it.

Slip-on chiffon dresses are the perfect outfit for your pregnancy. You can opt for a thigh-length dress or a knee-length dress. Wearing ankle-length socks or knee-length socks will make you look even more beautiful.

It would not be good if there is no black dress during pregnancy. Dresses with polka dots are made for women during pregnancy. Do not forget to wear classic dresses like this one all the time. Compliments for you will be confirmed after wearing it.

While pregnancy is a mental feast for women, it can be a bit daunting when it comes to clothing. As the belly got bigger during pregnancy, it was not very nice for them to wear comfortable clothes suitable for it. Nowadays, even pregnant women are crawling around in modern clothes. Let us take a look at the clothes for them.

Maxi dress 

The maxi dress can be worn by pregnant women while traveling. This is a great outfit for a comfortable trip. The maxi dress does well when you go for a trip and walk on the beach. If you want to look different in this dress, you can wear a small belt over the maxi dress that will not squeeze too much.


Pregnant women who want more fashion can wear a jumpsuit. If you wear a matching dessert or a casual shirt with it, you can look different. If chubby pregnant women wear a black jumpsuit, the look will look a little skinny.

Dress model

Most dress models are suitable for pregnant women. Shift dresses with a length below the joint offer them more comfort. Women should choose different colors and designs of these dresses. Dresses with wide necklines add elegance. A one-piece dress made of chiffon material is a special feature for pregnant women.

Ribbed dresses

Ribbed dresses give a delicious look and feel too pregnant women. It can be worn not only during pregnancy but also after delivery. This is a kind of customizable dress. Tunic dresses like this are also suitable for pregnant women.


Pregnant women can use a skirt that is worn in a normal position. The skirt is best worn over the abdomen. There is also an option to make it bigger if the belly increases. Wear with a denim jacket to complete the look.

Maternity jeans

Tight jeans that women wear cannot be worn during pregnancy. Alternatively, there are maternity jeans that are suitable for pregnant women. It is made of flexible material. Therefore, it is comfortable for pregnant women to wear. The belly will not look big if you wear suitable pants.

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